AB Quintanilla Net Worth: The Musical Legacy and Financial Success of a Latin Music Icon


AB Quintanilla, also known as Abraham Quintanilla III, is a renowned figure in the world of Latin music. As a multi-talented musician, songwriter, producer, and brother of the late Selena Quintanilla, AB has made a significant impact on the music industry. With a successful career spanning several decades, his net worth reflects both his artistic achievements and business ventures. A.B. Quintanilla is an American record producer, musician, and songwriter who has a net worth of $5 million.  In this article, we will delve into AB Quintanilla net worth, explore his musical journey, highlight his entrepreneurial pursuits, and uncover the factors contributing to his financial success.

Early Life and Musical Beginnings

AB Quintanilla was born on December 13, 1963, in Toppenish, Washington, to a musical family. Raised in a household where music was a way of life, AB developed a passion for music from a young age. Alongside his siblings, including the legendary Selena Quintanilla, AB’s musical journey began to take shape.

The Formation of Selena y Los Dinos

In the early 1980s, AB Quintanilla, together with his sister Selena and other family members, formed the band “Selena y Los Dinos.” The group blended various musical genres, including Tejano, cumbia, and pop, and quickly gained popularity in the Latin music scene.

International Success and Tejano Music Pioneers

As the bass guitarist and producer of Selena y Los Dinos, AB Quintanilla played a crucial role in the band’s international success. The group achieved several milestones, including winning a Grammy Award for Best Mexican-American Album in 1994, making them pioneers in the Tejano music genre.

Tragic Loss and Post-Selena Career

The tragic death of Selena Quintanilla in 1995 marked a profound turning point in AB’s life and career. He continued to honor his sister’s legacy and musical vision by producing posthumous albums and preserving her impact on the industry. However, AB also sought to explore new musical endeavors outside of the Tejano genre.

Kumbia Kings: A New Musical Frontier

In 1999, AB Quintanilla founded the popular group “Kumbia Kings,” blending cumbia, pop, and hip-hop elements. The band’s unique sound and electrifying performances attracted a diverse and wide-ranging fan base, further enhancing AB’s reputation as a music innovator.

Entrepreneurial Ventures: AB Quintanilla Net Worth

AB Quintanilla’s entrepreneurial spirit extended beyond performing on stage. He ventured into music production and co-founded the record label “Q-Productions,” which played a pivotal role in promoting Tejano and Latin artists. The label’s success contributed significantly to AB Quintanilla Net Worth and expanded his influence in the music industry.

Collaborations and Musical Achievements

Throughout his career, AB Quintanilla collaborated with various artists and bands, both within and beyond the Latin music scene. These collaborations not only showcased his musical versatility but also provided additional avenues for financial success.

While AB Quintanilla’s career reached great heights, it was not without challenges. Legal issues and controversies surrounding copyright infringement and disputes with former band members led to setbacks and financial strains.

Return to Music: Kumbia All Starz

After the disbandment of Kumbia Kings, AB Quintanilla founded another successful group, “Kumbia All Starz,” which continued to blend genres and captivate audiences worldwide.

Business Diversification and Endorsements

In addition to music, AB Quintanilla explored various business opportunities to diversify his income streams. These included endorsements, merchandise sales, and other entertainment-related ventures.

AB Quintanilla Net Worth

AB Quintanilla net worth was estimated to be around $10 million. However, it’s essential to recognize that net worth figures can fluctuate over time due to factors such as new business ventures, investments, and economic changes.


AB Quintanilla net worth reflects the successful and dynamic career of a Latin music icon. From his early days as a member of Selena y Los Dinos to the formation of Kumbia Kings and Kumbia All Starz, AB’s musical journey has left an indelible mark on the Latin music industry. Through his entrepreneurial ventures, music production, and collaborations, he solidified his position as a prominent figure in the music world. As AB Quintanilla continues to explore new opportunities and showcase his talent, it is evident that AB Quintanilla Net Worth will continue to reflect the ongoing success of his musical legacy.

FAQ about AB Quintanilla:

How much is AB Quintanilla net worth?

A.B. Quintanilla is an American record producer, musician, and songwriter who has a net worth of $5 million. 

How much does AB Quintanilla make annually?

AB Quintanilla is estimated at $5 million for the current year. 

What is date of birth of AB Quintanilla?

A.B. Quintanilla was born on December 13, 1963 in Toppenish, Washington, USA.

What is the real height of AB Quintanilla?

Quintanilla’s height is 5 feet 7 inches and weighs 75 kg.