Avicii Net Worth: The Life and Earnings of a Dance Music Legend


Avicii, born Tim Bergling, was a Swedish DJ, record producer, and songwriter who left an indelible mark on the electronic dance music (EDM) scene. His tragic passing in 2018 shocked the world, but his music continues to resonate with fans globally. At the time of his passing in April 2018, Avicii net worth was around $85 million. In this article, we’ll explore the fascinating journey of Avicii’s career and delve into Avicii Net Worth, shedding light on the financial legacy he left behind.

Early Life and Ascent in the Music Industry

Tim Bergling was born on September 8, 1989, in Stockholm, Sweden. His journey in the music world began at a young age when he started producing tracks in his bedroom. Avicii’s breakthrough came in 2010 when his single “Seek Bromance” gained widespread attention. This early success laid the foundation for his meteoric rise in the EDM world.

Chart-Topping Hits and Albums

Avicii’s discography is filled with chart-topping hits that have become anthems in the EDM genre. “Levels,” released in 2011, was a game-changer, propelling him to international stardom. The song’s infectious melody and innovative production earned it a permanent place in electronic music history.

His debut studio album, “True,” released in 2013, showcased Avicii’s ability to blend EDM with other genres, incorporating elements of folk and country. The album included iconic tracks like “Wake Me Up” and “Hey Brother,” which topped charts worldwide. These hits not only expanded his fan base but also significantly contributed to his net worth through record sales and royalties.

Avicii’s second studio album, “Stories,” released in 2015, continued to showcase his artistic evolution. His willingness to experiment with different musical styles and incorporate live instruments into his tracks set him apart in the EDM world.

Live Performances And Avicii Net Worth

One of the primary sources of Avicii’s income was his live performances. He was known for electrifying live shows that attracted massive crowds. He headlined major music festivals like Tomorrowland and Ultra Music Festival, commanding substantial performance fees. Touring and performing at these events added significantly to Avicii Net Worth.

Lucrative DJ Residencies

Avicii secured lucrative DJ residencies at some of the most prestigious nightclubs and venues in the world, including a historic residency at the Wynn Las Vegas. These residencies provided a steady stream of income and enhanced his reputation as a top-tier DJ.

Music Sales and Avicii Net Worth

Avicii’s music continued to generate income through album and single sales, as well as streaming platforms. Even after his passing, his songs continue to be streamed millions of times worldwide. This ongoing popularity ensures a consistent flow of revenue to his estate.

Brand Endorsements and Partnerships

In addition to his music career, Avicii also ventured into brand endorsements and partnerships. He collaborated with major companies like Ralph Lauren and Volvo, adding to his financial portfolio. His association with these brands was not only a source of income but also a testament to his influence and popularity.

Charitable Work

Avicii was not just a successful artist but also a philanthropist. He established the Tim Bergling Foundation to focus on issues related to mental health, suicide prevention, and climate change. While this charitable work may not have directly added to Avicii Net Worth, it highlights his commitment to making a positive impact on the world.


Avicii net worth at the time of his passing in 2018 was estimated to be around $85 million. His journey from a young Swedish producer to a global EDM sensation was marked by creativity, innovation, and a tireless work ethic. His chart-topping hits, live performances, brand collaborations, and philanthropic efforts all played a role in accumulating his wealth.

While Avicii’s music continues to be celebrated and enjoyed by millions, it’s essential to remember the toll that fame and the demands of the industry can take on an artist’s well-being. His tragic passing serves as a reminder of the importance of mental health and self-care in the entertainment world. Avicii’s legacy lives on not only through his music but also through his impact on the industry and his contributions to charitable causes, making him a legend in both music and philanthropy.

FAQ about Avicii:

How much is Avicii Net Worth?

At the time of his passing in April 2018, Avicii net worth was around $85 million.

How much does Avicii make annually?

He played around 80 gigs a year, for which he collected a staggering $30 million.

What is date of birth of Avicii?

Avicii, whose real name was Tim Bergling, was born on September 8, 1989.

What is the real height of Avicii?

Avicii Height was 1.78 m and Weight was 72 kg