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Credit cards are unpredictable, as they can be either very useful for some people or a debt trap for many who are not careful while spending the money. The credit card lures the people to spend more, especially in the UAE, where the expats are attracted to the luxury and lavish lifestyle of the city. The city is already a symbol of luxury in the whole world, palaces and villas, like District One Villas Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Residence villas, and Dubai creek villas are the signs of opulence in Dubai.

Renting out the fancy cars, expensive clothes, and eating in the fine dinings of Dubai can heavily charge your pocket, but still, there are so many expats out there who opt for credit cards to enjoy the lavish lifestyle not realizing that soon they are going to be bankrupt.


Many of the banks and other financial organizations offer a limited amount that can be spent in a month through the credit card; the limit is mostly around two or three times of your monthly income, which seem very lucrative to many people, but it means that you are going to work two or three months off without spending any money to pay the dues of your credit card.

You should consider setting a sensible limit of your credit card so that you can manage the expense and pay them off within the month, you need to know that all the loans and debts in a country must be paid before leaving the place, so paying off all your debts and loans in an important aspect that you should consider. 


It is obvious that if the credit card is used sensibly, then it can be very beneficial in handling the cash flow, earning reward, and finances. Many things should be considered before selecting a credit card for yourself. 

  • INTEREST RATE: This should be your priority before making a selection for the credit card, and it can vary depending on your salary and income.
  • SALARY REQUIREMENT: Most of the credit card policy is to look for the minimum salary requirement, so it is important to make sure that you are eligible for the card. 
  • FOREIGN CURRENCY: This one is for the travellers, consider the currency exchange rate, and the fluctuation of the currency, to get an idea about the transaction fees that will be deducted on your account.
  • ANNUAL FEE: Do read the terms and policy very carefully, as many credit cards offer “no annual fee” on the first year, but these charges do apply after the first year.  
  • BENEFITS: Look for multiple credit cards and consider their offers such as cashback, discounts, airport lounges, and air miles. 
  • EXTRA CHARGES: Do look carefully at extra charges, there must be no extra or hidden charges. 


We might help you in finding some of the best credit cards 


It is a great option for your everyday expenses, the Najm Blue visa card of Majid Al Futtaim is only available is available for only those, having a salary more than AED 5000 per month and offers 2% discount on purchases from Hypermarket, Carrefour, and 1% discount on the purchases from all the locations. It offers some other facilities as well, such as a buy-one-get-one-free ticket for movies. 


This one is best for the travellers, as it offers 2.5 miles on every AED 4 spent through the card and these miles can be redeemed by travelling through the Etihad Airlines tickets. It requires a minimum salary of AED 5000 and charges AED 2000 per annum for the card. Some other services are also offered by the card like air-port lounges and much other assistance.

Dubai is a great city with so many wonders and opulent places, most of the expats are attracted to the flashy lifestyle of the city, so the need of a credit card is a must for them to avail the luxury, but it is important to consider some things before getting your hands on the credit card. Any irresponsible spending is likely to result in heavy debt, so you must act sensibly. It is observed that the use of credit cards is mostly used by the people living in areas like Port De La Mer Dubai, Emaar Beachfront, and Downtown city.

What Brings Crypto Currency To Its Downfall? Know From Coinstirs

With modernity and advanced technologies, everything has turned into a digital affair. The most trending of all in the current times in cryptocurrency. It has gained a lot of success and has been an advanced market. Like every other business, coin trading also sees its rise and fall which is more or less 40%. With all advanced methods that may have a chance of profits gathers in a range of investors who are looking for opportunities and some well-known investors have capitalized the market and have gained massive profits over the course of time.

What Brings Crypto Currency To Its Downfall Know From Coinstirs

In present times, the trading and price for famous cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin trading has been reaching the sky whereas in the past its value was zero to none which raises the question as to what brings these sudden changes in prices?

Before we get into the details, we must start from the basic which is to know what really is cryptocurrency and it is best explained by Coinstirs, which is a reliable internet money trading platform.

Cryptocurrency—its definition:

Cryptocurrency or digital money is a digital system of payment. Cryptocurrency trading platform does not need a banking or verification system for the transactions. It can be taken as peer-to-peer system which allows you to send anyone money or receive the money from anyone at any time. As people prefer online transactions, this system totally irradicates the physical payment system and lets you do your transactions online. All the payments have digital entries to an internet database that is specific for every transaction. You can store and secure your digital money in digital wallets or in best crypto exchange platform.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency that was introduced in the digital trading market and hence it is the most valuable and famous digital currency but with bitcoin there are many other currencies that have now emerged such as shit coin or poo coin.

Changes in regulation:

This is one of the factors that affects the value of cryptocurrency. Most of the investors and even a coin trader is unaware of these factors. When you go to open a bank account, they usually ask you to provide them with your identification for your verification. This step is not necessary when it comes to cryptocurrency trade. Many exchanges provided by the most reliable coin exchange platform operate under jurisdictions legally that deem KYC data to be unnecessary. These exchanges are then included in the grey area under legal terms.

As new rules or regulations are provided by the legal authorities, prices instantly react to its rise or fall depending on the regulations, for instance in April 2017, Japan gave a legal form to the cryptocurrency trade which brought an increase of 3% in digital money each day.

Cryptocurrency trade is very unpredictable and its value varies according to different regulations. Investors and business man need to learn ways to secure their profits and get the most minimum setbacks from these regulations.

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