Inside Andrew Gordon MA’s Step-By-Step System for Building a Profitable Amazon FBA Business

As an entrepreneur based in Belmont, Massachusetts, Andrew Gordon MA has generated over $10 million in sales by selling products on Amazon. In this review, I will take an objective look at Gordon’s background in e-commerce and evaluate his training program that teaches others to replicate his Amazon FBA success.

Andrew Gordon Massachusetts

Andrew Gordon MA’s E-Commerce Journey

Gordon got his start in online retail over 10 years ago while living in Chelmsford, MA. Frustrated by limitations in his corporate career, he decided to explore entrepreneurship by selling products on Amazon. Through the Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) program, Gordon was able to outsource order fulfillment and quickly scale his business.

Holding an MBA from Bentley University, Gordon brought business acumen to his ventures. But he considers himself largely self-taught in e-commerce strategies. Now, Gordon shares what he has learned through private coaching and online courses. His goal is to help others avoid common pitfalls and achieve six-figure sales on Amazon.

Program Overview 

Gordon’s “Formula for Building a Thriving E-Commerce Empire on Amazon” focuses on private label product sourcing and brand building. He teaches how to research hot product categories, source from overseas manufacturers, and launch optimized Amazon product listings.

Gordon also shares his tested processes for paid Amazon advertising, reviews generation, and scaling with additional products and marketplaces. The goal is to create Amazon brands making $10,000 or more per month with minimal time investment.

Program Strengths 

One strength is Gordon’s proven track record of success on Amazon. Participants can feel confident they are learning from someone who has generated millions in e-commerce sales.

Gordon also excels at simplifying complex strategies. His trainings break down each step of the Amazon FBA process into bite-sized, actionable lessons. Additionally, Gordon provides ongoing support through private coaching and online communities.

Program Weaknesses 

On the downside, e-commerce requires more startup capital and risk than Gordon discloses. Sourcing products and Amazon ads require thousands in initial investment with no guarantee of success.

Profitable Amazon FBA Business

The program also does not delve deeply into legal structures, taxes, or long-term brand management. Those interested may need additional education on operating an e-commerce business professionally.


In summary, Andrew Gordon MA has clearly achieved remarkable results by leveraging the Amazon marketplace. His training program offers a proven blueprint for others seeking to profit from e-commerce. However, those new to the industry may struggle without supplementary learning. While strategies work for Gordon, results will depend on each individual’s execution, budget, and market conditions. For experienced entrepreneurs or those committed to supplementing their education, Gordon’s approach provides a promising foundation for Amazon success.