The Different Types of Garage Door Springs and When to Replace Them

Garage doors are integral to any home, providing security and protection against the elements. The door’s smooth operation is dependent on the type and condition of its springs. Understanding the different types of springs and when they need to be replaced is important for your home’s safety and longevity.


The torsion spring is the most common type of spring used in garage doors. These springs are mounted on a metal rod above the door opening, and their tension helps lift the door’s weight. They usually last between 7-10 years but may need to be replaced earlier due to heavy use or frequent power outages.

Extension springs are typically located along the sides of the garage door and use a pulley system to raise and lower the door. These springs normally last 10-12 years but can be replaced sooner if they become loose due to heavy usage or age.

If your garage door requires repair, hiring a professional to handle the job is important. Working with an experienced technician is key to ensuring the replacement is done correctly. Even the smallest mistake can lead to a malfunctioning garage door and potential damage or injury.

When it comes to finding reliable technicians, Williamsburg, Virginia residents are in luck. Local professionals offer various services designed to provide quality garage door spring repair in Williamsburg. From preventative maintenance to total replacement, these experts can help keep your home’s garage door functioning properly.

Knowing the types of springs used in garage doors and understanding when they need to be replaced is essential for a safe and secure home. With local professionals available for reliable garage door spring repair in Williamsburg, residents can enjoy peace of mind knowing their home is secure and properly maintained.

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